The Penultimate Outdoor Weather Clock
Item#: 1940031

Combine beauty with dependable science with this Penultimate Outdoor Weather Clock. A radio controlled clock receives a broadcasted, low frequency radio signal every night from the world's most accurate clock located in Colorado. When the sun goes down each night, the earth's upper atmosphere reflects these radio waves, allowing the signal to reach all continental US locations. Radio controlled clocks receive this signal through an antenna and decode the signal through an internal computer, synchronizing themselves each night.

  • Automatic Setting: The clock will automatically set itself overnight to the exact time, once the battery is inserted and time zone is programmed. Daylight saving time changes are automatic!Technologically Advanced: Our radio controlled clocks use a German designed movement which is the most reliable today. Versatility: Radio controlled clock features entire weather station with hygrometer and thermometer on board!

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