Bayou Classic 18" Double Jet Crawfish Cooker
Item#: 1890044

The Bayou Classic 18" Double Jet Crawfish Cooker is a heavy duty outdoor kitchen tool designed to perfectly cook crawfish. The 11.5" steel frame is designed to remain durable in any type of outdoor setting, making it perfect for camping, tailgating, and backyard events. The double jet burner heats up twice as fast and the 20 PSI preset regulator makes your job easier! Built with an 18-inch diameter cooking surface enables the burner to accommodate stockpots up to 162 quarts in size.


  • Welded steel frame
  • 18" diameter cooking surface
  • Accommodates stockpots up to 162 quarts
  • Perfect for cooking crawfish

With its durable frame and generous cooking surface, this burner is perfect for any outdoor event that you would like to cook for. The heat of the jet burners is perfect for cooking crawfish, changing up the barbecue style for your family and friends. Including a stainless braided hose makes it possible to connect this burner to a propane tank, sold separately.


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