Bayou Classic 2.75 Gallon Jambalaya Pot
Item#: 1890171

The Bayou Classic 2.75 Gallon Jambalaya Pot creates a rounded interior location for preparing your favorite stews and soups. Constructed with heavy duty cast iron gives the pot a rustic and colonial look while maintaining it's excellent durability. This 2.75-gallon pot comes seasoned and ready to work, while being easy to carry with it's attached handle!


  • Cast iron construction
  • Includes cast iron domed lid
  • 2.75-gallon capacity & 14.5" diameter
  • Perfect for making soup & stew

Having a 14.5" wide diameter gives the Jambalaya pot a generous amount of space to work with, being perfect for a small or large group gathering. This sturdy outdoor cooking tool includes a cast iron lid that is just what you need to keep your meal warm and critter-free. Spruce up your camping trips, backyard barbecues, or tailgating gatherings with this unique cooking assistant!


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