Bayou Classic 21" High Pressure Cooker
Item#: 1890051

The Bayou Classic 21" High Pressure Cooker is a powerful kitchen tool that will advance your outdoor cooking possibilities. The burner is constructed with a 21" welded steel frame that provides a sturdy base for the useful burner. Designed with a 14" diameter cooking surface gives the cook a large amount of space to work with, making the cooking session as enjoyable as possible.


  • Welded steel frame
  • 14" diameter cooking surface
  • Featured windscreen protection
  • Perfect for camping, tailgating, and barbecues

Built for durability and outdoor flexibility, this burner is constructed with a 10 PSI adjustable regulator that will allow the user to be in control. Including a thermoplastic hose allows the tool to connect to a propane tank, sold separately. Featuring a 360° windscreen protector gives the burner protection against winds that will force the user to relight the burner.


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