Bayou Classic 22" Bayou Cooker
Item#: 1890045

The Bayou Classic 22" Bayou Cooker features a 10-inch cast iron burner that is perfect for your outdoor cooking needs. This heavy duty kitchen tool has a welded steel frame that will remain durable in any outdoor environment. The 22" diameter cooking surface comfortably accommodates stockpots that are up to 162-quarts in size!


  • Black welded steel frame
  • Provides a 22" diameter cooking surface
  • Propane regulator and brass control valves

Featuring a 48" thermoplastic hose makes the burner able to connect to a propane tank, sold separately. It's 30 PSI propane regulator and brass control valves give the burner convenience and sophistication. Enhance your outdoor gatherings, camping trips, or tailgating events with this outdoor cooking tool that can cook almost any bayou fish that you would like.


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