Bayou Classic 22" Double Jet Bayou Cooker
Item#: 1890046

The Bayou Classic 22" Double Jet Bayou Cooker is one of the hottest portable size burners that you can find! It's welded 12.5" steel frame gives the burner a sturdy base to rely on. The burner can reach up to 40 PSI, providing up to 180,000 BTU's for the user to cook with. Having a 22" cooking surface eliminates needing 2 burners with it's space for pots up to 162-quarts or 40 gallons!


  • Welded steel frame
  • Provides up to 180,000 BTUs
  • Hosts 22" of cooking surface
  • Perfect for camping, tailgating, or barbecues

This heavy duty burner has a larger and wider build than most burners have, encouraging the possibilities of cooking for a large group or event. Designed for durability and safety, this cooker can fight it's way in any weather environment, showing that it was made for the great outdoors. Included with the burner is a stainless braided house for connecting the burner to a propane tank, sold separately.


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