Bayou Classic Aluminum Fry & Steam Pot with Lid & Basket
Item#: 1890119

The Bayou Classic Aluminum Fry & Steam Pot with Lid & Basket is the perfect assistant for your next outdoor gathering or event. This heavy duty aluminum pot is perfect for making vegetables, potatoes, or even pasta! The fry and steaming tool has a capacity of 24-60 quarts depending on the size that is chosen. This cooking accessory will enhance your outdoor cooking sessions, giving you a variety of options beyond hot dogs and hamburgers.


  • Aluminum construction
  • Vented lid and perforated basket included
  • Attached handles for easy transport
  • Sizes range from 24-60 quarts
  • Perfect for steaming, frying, & boiling

Perfect for steaming, boiling, and frying, this pot is perfect for any outdoor occasion. The pot includes a lid & perforated basket that are perfect for steaming vegetables and keeping food warm. The steaming basket sits 2.5" from the bottom of the pot, leaving enough space for water to boil and steam your favorite vegetables. Prepare a picture-perfect meal for you and your family using this convenient pot!


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