Bayou Classic High Pressure Cooker with Windscreen
Item#: 1890048

The Bayou Classic High Pressure Cooker with Windscreen hosts features that most burners do not have. Along with the burner's 13" welded steel frame is a featured windscreen protector that protects the burner from winds in outdoor areas. This protection eliminates the hassle of relighting a burner and give's the cook more time to focus on the picture perfect beans, rice, or seafood! The burner's 14" diameter cooking surface hosts a generous area for cooking in an adventurous style right in your backyard!


  • Welded black steel construction
  • 14" diameter cooking surface
  • Windscreen protector feature included
  • Used with propane gas

Designed for outdoor use, this burner is constructed with the proper durability and safety needed to get the job done right. Perfect for camping trips, barbecues, and tailgating, this burner is capable of making a variety of foods that can please everyone! The burner is constructed with a 20 PSI preset regulator with brass control valves that leave the user in safe control of the cooking session. Included with the burner is a 48" thermoplastic gas hose that is made for connecting the burner to a propane tank, sold separately.


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