Bayou Classic Stainlesss Fry & Steam Pot with Lid & Basket
Item#: 1890087

The Bayou Classic Stainlesss Fry & Steam Pot with Lid & Basket introduces more cooking opportunities than you can imagine for your outdoor cooking area or camp site. Constructed with heavy duty stainless steel gives this cooking tool durability and a modern look. The pot's diameter ranges from 12.5"-15.25" and the height from 11.75"-18.75" according to the quart size pot that is chosen. This useful kitchen accessory is perfect for camping, tailgating, or barbecues, providing an enlarged menu option for each event.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • 24-62 quart sizes available
  • Included vented lid
  • Used for steaming, boiling, & frying

This heavy duty kitchen utensil is used for your favorite outdoor meals, being able to steam, boil, and fry. Including a vented lid enables the pot to keep your picture-perfect meal warm and critter-free for later! This pot is constructed with weatherproof and sturdy materials, making it perfect for any outdoor environment.


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