Bayou Classic Triple Burner with Side Shelves
Item#: 1890043

The Bayou Classic Triple Burner with Side Shelves provides a triplet set that can make your outdoor events or camping trips as simple as possible! This black steel burner set is able to support three 60-quart pots, making it possible to prepare meals for large groups in a short time. It's 13-inch tall frame is the perfect height when placed on a tabletop, and it's extendable legs allow the burner to reach 25" in height. Hosting a 14" x 39" cooking surface provides a generous amount of space for the cook to work with.


  • Black steel construction
  • Provides 14" x 39" cooking surface
  • 13" extendable legs that reach 25"
  • Perfect for camping, barbecues, and tailgating

The three burners are supported by their low-pressure iron burners that are easily controlled with brass control valves, attached side by side on the front of the frame. Designed with 2 side shelves gives the user a place for dishes or cooking utensils and their sliding feature makes them a perfect cover for the burners. The included stainless braided hose is the connector for a propane tank, sold separately. Featured with a 15 PSI preset regulator gives the cook the controls that they hoped for. Enhance your outdoor events with this triple burner that is perfect for meals, side dishes, or snacks.


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