Bayou Classic Turkey Fryer Accessory Kit
Item#: 1890195

The Bayou Classic Turkey Fryer Accessory Kit is a thorough set that will supply exactly what you need for a fabulous outdoor cooking session.


  • Aluminum poultry rack, grab hook, three piece skewer set, thermometer, and seasoning injector included
  • Perfect set for any outdoor cooking session
  • Rack is lightweight and easy to handle

You'll find that the aluminum perforated poultry rack is easy to raise and dip into a pot or fryer. Because the rack's handle can retain heat from the cooking session, the included grab hook is the perfect assistant, making it safe and easy to lift the basket. The three piece skewer set is helpful when preparing any type of meat during a camping trip or backyard event.

This helpful set is perfect for your next outdoor event, providing you with the tools you need to prepare a picture-perfect meat for you and your guests. The included seasoning injector and stainless steel needle will add your favorite flavor to meats. The stainless steel 12" thermometer finishes up the job by measuring temperatures ranging from 50-750°F.


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