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30" Sumaco Auto Ignition Fire & Water Bowl
Item#: N4502313

Observe the unprecedented fusion of two opposite elements in the 30" Sumaco Auto Ignition Fire & Water Bowl. Luminous, dancing flames are created by the gas burner while a gentle waterfall flows from the mouth of the bowl. The high style offered by this magnificent item will make a great addition to your outdoor area, especially on your patio or around your pool.


  • 17" commercial grade stainless steel burner
  • Heat output of 60,0000-80,000 BTUs
  • Water flow of 10-12 gpm
  • CSA approved burner assembly with flame monitoring technology
  • Can be operated remotely from any home or pool operated system

The 30" Sumaco Auto Ignition Fire & Water Bowl not only marries water and fire, but also form and function. The included commercial grade 17" stainless steel burner comes equipped with a CSA approved electronic ignition system. A safety pipe train is optional for commercial units, ensuring that the burner won't ignite while the unit is off.


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