Al Fresco Outdoor Gas Fireplace - 36"
Item#: 3560474

Sculpted from clean lines and smooth surfaces, the Al Fresco Outdoor Gas Fireplace - 36" showcases a stainless steel construction and an expansive viewing area. By use of a radiant refractory lining, this unit produces consistently high temperatures night after night.


  • Heat output: 60,000 BTU’s
  • All stainless steel construction
  • CSA design certified
  • Concrete refractory lining reflects superior heat
  • Includes basket grate, mesh firescreen, burner, and logs

Engineered specifically for warming up the outdoors, the Al Fresco Outdoor Gas Fireplace - 36" is fully insulated to keep cold air from seeping in. The unit comes complete with a refractory brick lining, which not only efficiently reflects heat, but also works as an easy to clean surface. The log set sits upon a steel basket grate, with the Insta-Flame gas burner system pumping flames up from beneath, giving off a natural, well-rounded look.


  • 40" W x 43.25" H x 22" D (actual)
  • 41" W x 43.75" H x 22.5" D (framing)
  • 36" W x 22.75" H (viewing area)


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