Cape Cod Outdoor Fireplace Grill
Item#: 3640001

Fashioned with a German inspired heritage, the Cape Cod Outdoor Fireplace Grill is designed for a venerable style and a variety of uses. The multi-purpose fireplace cooks on a heavy-duty four-layer adjustable chrome grill, using wood or charcoal to achieve for your meals a delicious texture and the right kind of taste.


  • A strong quartz finish ensures longevity
  • Steel reinforced concrete design won't degrade
  • Double wall construction provides constant airflow
  • Easy assembly in a short period of time
  • One year guaranteed warranty

Built to last, this Cape Cod Outdoor Fireplace Grill utilizes a distinctive concrete formula with a rugged quartz finish that will last a lifetime. The unique double wall construction provides constant airflow, keeping the outer surfaces cool while confining higher temperatures inside the specially engineered refractory panels that line the firebox. In addition to the unique white quartz surface, the unit is accented by a dazzling copper inlay at the front of the mantelpiece, providing a true Cape Cod appeal.


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