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Outdoor Lighting
1182627-175px.jpg Lanterns
A lantern is a portable lighting device used to illuminate small or large areas. Lanterns may be used for signaling, as general light sources for camping, or for decoration. Decorative lanterns exist in a wide range of designs. Some hang from buildings, while others are placed on or just above the ground or a resting place such as a fence or table. Create a warm, inviting atmosphere on your patio or deck or out in the garden with one of our gorgeous, festive lanterns.
2020075-175px.jpg Torches
Outdoor Torches add a unique form of lighting and style to your outdoor gathering place. Woodland Direct offers a number of torch options. From the tabletop tiki torch to the sophisticated stainless steel torches secured directly into the ground, we have you covered.
2730113-175px.jpg Lighting Accessories
In this category you will find all the accessories associated with the wonderful world of outdoor lighting. Find innovative and attractive new ways to extend your living space from the indoors to the outdoors with our lighting accessories.
2730116b-175px.jpg Decorative Lighting
Add some flair to your patio, gazebo any outdoor area with our decorative lighting. All of our lights are weather resistant and will provide great light when the sun goes down.
2790063-175px.jpg Battery Operated Lighting
Set the mood and light up the patio after the sun goes down with our outdoor lighting. The convenience of these battery operated lights won't have you worrying about making sure the lights go on. All of our lighting is weather-resistant so you can leave the lights outside year round!
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