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Brand: Deeco Outdoor Fireplaces

With the wood-fed glow of these outdoor fireplaces from Deeco Outdoor Fireplaces, you’ll find yourself sitting around the fire late into the evening. Cut outs on several of the designs help to improve airflow, which ultimately produces more heat a minimizes the smoke. These outdoor fireplaces are ideal for entertaining.

Brand: Elite Outdoor Fireplaces

Create one of these entirely customizable outdoor fireplace from Elite Outdoor Fireplaces for your outdoor room. Made of hardiboard siding, these fireplaces will be able to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Additionally, their seamless construction will prevent rusting and cracking, ensuring that you’ll have your outdoor fireplace for years to come.

Brand: Good Directions Outdoor Fireplaces

If you’re looking for an outdoor fire pit to captivate a crowd, then these fire domes from Good Directions are just the ticket! Each fire pit is handcrafted in the USA and cut by experienced artists who see their individual product through from design to production, ensuring a sense of continuity in the items. Good Directions creates outdoor fireplaces that are unique, elegant and functional pieces of art for sophisticated outdoor entertaining.

Brand: Landmann Outdoor Fireplaces

From traditional fire pits and fire rings to contemporary fire pits and portable fire pits, Landmann USA has a wide variety of outdoor fireplaces for you to choose from. You’ll be able to enjoy the natural crackling of wood whether you are looking to just lounge around a warm fire or have an evening dinner party. Most outdoor fire pits are made from steel, making these items sustainable, durable and environmentally friendly.

Brand: Mirage Stone Wood and Gas Outdoor Fireplaces

Because if their fast assembly time, you’ll be able to enjoy these outdoor fireplaces from Mirage Stone within an hour of bringing them home. With their powder coated steel doors and permanently attached spark arrestors, these outdoor fireplaces are both durable and elegant. Since Mirage Stone offers multiple door handle options, as well as different color and material choices, you’ll be able to find the perfect outdoor fireplace for your lifestyle.

Brand: Uniflame Wood and Gas Outdoor Fireplaces

Whether you’re looking for pagoda style fire pit or something a little more classic, these outdoor fireplaces from Uniflame have something for everyone. Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces alike are constructed in differing styles, materials, and designs to fit your preference. Whatever your pick, you’ll be sure to spend an increasing amount of time in your outdoor entertainment area.

Brand: Fire Sense Outdoor Fireplaces

With these outdoor fireplaces from Fire Sense, you’ll be able to entertain family and friends in style. Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces alike are crafted in varying styles, materials and designs to fit your unique taste. Some fire pits even come complete with a dome fire screen and wood grate.

Brand: CobraCo Outdoor Fireplaces

Enhance the beauty of your patio area and enjoy the warmth that these outdoor fireplaces from CobraCo Corporation will bring. With varied styles, designs and materials to choose from, you’re sure to find one you like. Screen and vinyl protective cover are included with most purchases.

Brand: Sojoe Outdoor Fireplaces

These authentic steel fire pits from Sojoe Outdoor Fireplaces feature premium cut out design and quality construction. Each fire pit is made from cold-rolled steel, which is three times thicker than other comparable fireplaces on the market. Vinyl weather cover is included with each fire pit purchase.

Brand: Rockwood Outdoor Fireplaces

Pioneering the world of mortarless concrete manufacturing, Rockwood stands firm as an industry leader in innovative thinking and do-it-yourself outdoor masonry. Nothing speaks so honestly as the look of a genuine brick fireplace – instead of shipping out preassembled units, Rockwood makes it possible for consumers like you to fashion their own brick creations, beginning and ending with a personal touch that only you can give.

Wood Burning Fire Pit Specials

A fire pit can be many things – a place to escape, a tasteful patio accent, a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. Here at Woodland Direct, we understand your diversity, and we’ve gone a little further to bring you the absolute best when it comes to your hearth. From the highest quality materials to the lowest prices, consider these fire pit specials a gift – from our heart to your home, wherever that may be.

Brand: Escea Wood and Gas Outdoor Fireplaces

With their sophisticated style and design, these Escea Outdoor Fireplaces are popular with architects, interior designers and everybody in between. Escea fireplaces come in a variety of heat outputs, various fascia models, and a variety of burner contents including coal, river rock, stones and driftwood. These gas fireplaces are available in both natural gas and propane.

Brand: Fire Pit Art Wood and Gas Outdoor Fireplaces

Each fire pit from Fire Pit Art is unique. Designed by skilled metal artist Rick Wittrig, these fire pits are made frome one quarter inch steel, the heaviest gauge metal used in any fire pit on the market. With its sturdy Made in the USA construction, you'll enjoy this functional piece of art for many years to come.

Brand: Ohio Flame Outdoor Fireplaces

When you purchase a fire bowl from Ohio Flame Outdoor Fireplaces, you're guaranteed tough, American-made caliber and a unique, handcrafted design. These fire bowls feature an exclusive two-piece welded construction to ensure durability and lasting quality so that they won't wear down over time. You'll also be able to choose between a variety of sizes, because we understand how important it is to offer an array of possibilities.

Brand: Mason-Lite Outdoor Fireplaces

Mason-Lite Lightweight Masonry Fireplace Systems will make it easy for you to reach a dream of an outdoor patio fireplace without the hassle of major reinforcement of the infrastructure. 

Brand: FireRock Outdoor Fireplaces

FireRock Fireplaces manufacture these modular outdoor fireplaces to be durable and easy to install so you can focus on choosing the look that is right for your backyard or patio.

Brand: The Outdoor Plus Outdoor Fireplaces

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