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Over-100-Gallon-Rain-Barrels Rain Barrel Kits

Over 100 Gallon Rain Barrels

One storm that drops 1/4" of rain on an average American home will fill a 60 gallon rain barrel. Most of us live in an area that gets more than 1/4" of rain at a time and our rain barrels quickly overflow. So why not be prepared for the larger storms by purchasing a large capacity rain barrel? Our 600 gallon rain barrel hold 10 times the water as most standard rain barrels and have the convenience of built in pumps. We even have rain barrels in capacities up to 1200 gallons that can be buried under ground.


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Have you been shocked by how quickly one storm can fill your standard sized rain barrel? Are you looking to harvest even more free water? Then one of our large capacity rain barrels will meet your needs. From our easily stored Knock-down 156 gallon rain barrel to our mammoth 1500 Gallon Rain Harvester we have a rain barrel to match your requirements.


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