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Aqua Fria Rain Barrel - 200 Gallons
Item#: 2390010

The useful cylinder shaped Agua Fria rain barrel is designed to bring beauty and style to your home gardening needs. You will appreciate the eco-friendly features of this efficient water capturing system and the reduced watering bills during the growing season. You will love the seamless construction with no gaskets to replace and the dependability of having all your fittings welded directly to the tank.

This tank has two different types of screened tops that helps keep it animal, child, and mosquito resistant. If you choose the bowl style top, you can use the easy to clean basket strainer to keep out unwanted debris. The barrel is fully UV protected and the material is completely recyclable for that special eco-friendly touch. This barrel is designed out of food grade virgin polyethylene.

With little to no effort you can easily place this barrel in your downspout area and you can begin conserving water for many years to come. There is a 1 1/2" internal overflow and a 1 1/2" backup overflow with a linkup port so you don't have to worry about over filling your barrel. The Aqua Fria Rain Barrel also has a bucket high Spigot and a drain valve; all valves are threaded for a garden hose so that you will be able to easily bring the water to the areas that need it most. Due to the heavy duty wall construction, this barrel performs well even in freezing temperatures. Choose from our large variety of speckled, solid, sandstone, and granite colors to easliy match your outdoor décor. Add one of our unique down spout diverters that will easily turn your downspout into the water source for your rain barrel.


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