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Alfa Pizza & Brace Pizza Oven - Wood Burning
Item#: 47700009

With the Alfa Pizza & Brace Pizza Oven - Wood Burning you combine the best of your indoor and outdoor cooking favorites. This outdoor wood burning oven adds culinary extravagance with the ease to bake, broil, and grill all in one spectacular oven.


  • Outdoor refractory brick hearth oven
  • Great for cooking, grilling, baking, or just to commune and enjoy the fire
  • Authentic Italian wood burning oven quickly heats up and is ready to cook on in under twenty minutes
  • Insulated Forninox-technology, with powder coated painted dome
  • Comes complete with the vent, smokestack, built in thermometer, Paralegna wood holder, and tool holder

This outdoor refractory brick hearth oven blends an authentic Italian cooking style and leading edge technology with an elegant style. The cart is easily put together, and the oven comes fully assembled.

With the Alfa Pizza & Brace Pizza Oven - Wood Burning you can cook and bake anything as you do in your indoor oven. It has a powder coated painted dome that is cool to the touch. The wheeled cart makes it easy to move around your deck or patio. This stunning outdoor pizza oven brings efficiency with all three cooking styles, including radiant, conduction, and convection heat, all in one oven.


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