Nino Planter Tray
Item#: 2390003

Turn you Nino rain barrel into a piece of art. The unique Nino Planter Tray is designed to rest beautifully on the Nino rain barrel with style and beauty in mind. You will love the durability of this tray and the beauty it brings to your rain barrel.

This planter tray is designed out of the same durable weather resistant material as the Nino rain barrel. The planter tray features two easy to use handles so that you can quickly and effortlessly remove the tray to access your water below. The tray is 6 inches deep to help promote long lasting growth of several different types of plants.

This tray is easily added to your Nino rain barrel so that you can dress up your rain catcher with some beautiful plants. This tray can easily hold several flowers or plants to help disguise your rain catching device in an elegant way.


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