Corsica Oval Flower Bridge Planter - Terra Cotta
Item#: 2800131

An exciting variant to the classic bloom pot and a balcony planter is available with the Corsica Oval Flower Bridge Planter - Terra Cotta. This planter is specially designed for narrow railings, balcony railings, chain link fencing, and any vertical divider up to 2.5" wide.


  • 100% weatherproof materials
  • Unique oval shape design
  • Dimensions: 11.65" W x 22.83" D x 9.45" H

This planter features two compartments to grow different plants, 2" deep water reservoir on the bottom, 2 stabilizers to prevent planter from moving around and is made of 100% weatherproof polyethylene. The new oval shape has 40% larger capacity than a round pot.


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