Olas Elevated Planter & Beverage Cooler - Azul
Item#: 28105761

With its traditional firing methods and vibrant glazed styling, the Olas Elevated Planter & Beverage Cooler - Azul is truly a vision of uniqueness. This multi-purpose product is suited to be used either as a planter or a beverage cooler, doubling its functionality and enriching your outdoor entertainment area with a bold centerpiece.


  • Suited as either a planter or beverage cooler
  • Can be used indoors or out
  • Created using traditional firing methods
  • No two hand-crafted pottery pieces are alike
  • Includes glazed ceramic bowl, lower shelf, and iron stand

Because of Alfresco's traditional firing methods, no two hand-crafted pottery planters will be alike. These differences in size and color are not considered defects, but rather creative effects of the handcrafted process.

Please note:The Olas Elevated Planter & Beverage Cooler - Azul is designed to be used indoors or out. Because pottery is an absorbent material, freezing and thawing will cause cracking. In areas where freezing occurs, please store your ceramic planter & beverage cooler inside during winter months.


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