PW-A Series PW250A Submersible Water Pump
Item#: 3170007

The PW-A Series PW250A Submersible Water Pump represents simple assistance and efficiency during many outdoor chores. This 250 watts water pump can be used for water circulation in ponds, lawn sprinkling, garden watering or car washing, dewatering the basement, trenches or excavation and construction sites.


  • 250 watts water pump
  • Composite construction & glass-filled housing
  • Helpful with endless outdoor tasks
  • Provides up to 42.2 gallons of water per minute

Perfect for outdoor tasks, this water pump has composite construction with a glass-filled polypropylene housing that both help to resist corrosion. Encouraging simple use and great efficiency, this pump features a cooling design to keep the motor running at a cooler temperature for a longer lasting life. Hosting a compact size and lightweight construction, this water pump is easy to transport for any necessary task.


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