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Watersaver Connector Kit
Item#: 2510003

Rainwater flows into your downspout and into the Watersaver Rainwater Downspout Diverter, and then flows through the hose into collection containers. When the collection container is full, backpressure causes the rainwater to exit into your normal drainage system or through an overflow hose directed away from your basement.

Collection containers can be any plastic container (trash can) with a lid or closed recycled plastic barrel. Closed containers create the necessary backpressure, provide safety fro children and pets, prevent evaporation and eliminate insects and other contaminants. Also the containers can be hidden or placed in low visibility areas.

Approximately 40% of water used in the summer is used outdoors, which is when most areas face water shortages and have water restrictions. This water shortage period is when plants require water the most. The natural rainwater you collect is fresh, soft, oxygen-rich, untreated and stored at a growth-promoting temperature - perfect for your plants.

The connector kit provides the inter-connection of water collection containers for increased rainwater shortage.

The spigot kit provides an excellent method for dispensing collected rainwater by way of a hose.

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