RainReserve Rain Diverter Basic
Item#: 2820000

The Basic Rain Diverter takes rain water from your gutter downspout and diverts it into rain barrels. While this is happening the Rain Diverter prevents algae build up, mosquito (and other bugs) infestation, debris from entering, and barrel overflow. These problems normally require constant maintenance without the RainReserve system. Gardeners use rain water instead of tap because rain water does not contain harmful chemicals, such as: fluoride and chlorine. In fact rainwater contains nutritious chemicals, such as Nitrogen, Nitrates, and CO2.

This Basic Rain Diverter is designed to attach to barrels already converted into rain barrels. The kit includes:

  • Diverter
  • 5' of tubing
  • Winterization caps
  • Downspout screws
  • Install manual
It does NOT include the parts necessary to inter-connect rain barrels/water tanks, and does NOT include parts such as: High Flow Spigot, Barrel Seals, Spigot Adapter, Teflon Tape, Hole Saw, and Garden Hose Adapter The Complete RainReserve System includes the these parts.

The RainReserve Rain Diverter has the most capabilities and features, is the most efficient, and is the most eco-friendly on the market. Installation is quick and simple using the easy to read Installation Manual. Whether your desire is to water your lawn & garden, wash your car/boat/pets, save money on utilities, or Go Green; RainReserve is the answer.


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