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Push Button Flat Round Pan Insert Kit - 24"
Item#: 1910920

The Push Button Flat Round Pan Insert Kit - 24" adds style and culture to your backyard in a matter of minutes! The FPK series offers push-button ignition units that provide simplicity and warmth. Its construction with heavy duty stainless steel ensures that this pan and burner work well in any outdoor environment.


  • Push button ignition unit
  • 24" Flat round pan insert
  • Provides up to 150,000 BTUs
  • Runs with natural gas

Designed for adding beauty and style to any backyard, this natural gas unit can provide radiant flames for every event. For easy installation and functionality, the pan includes a fire ring, push button ignition switch and igniter, polished brass key valve, fittings, and flex line. Spruce up your porch or patio with this shimmering decor.


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