BeachHouse 9x6
Item#: 1950030

Need a small haven or retreat to get away on those hectic days?  The Beach House is a wonderful place to curl up on a beautiful sunny summer day for an afternoon coffee or to read a good book.  Its visual appeal is accentuated by the six awning style window boxes that allow plenty of light and fresh air in and shutters around each window.   The solid cedar door with oversized hinges and lockable door set provide the homeowner with added security.  

Our cedar products are crafted from Western Red Cedar, an all-weather building material that is entirely natural and non-toxic.   Along with its natural beauty, stability, and endurance it contains natural oils that act as preservatives to help the wood resist insect attack and decay.  When properly finished and maintained, it ages gracefully and endures for many years.  If left unfinished, it will turn a slivery grey for a rustic, weathered look, which some people prefer.  Over time the wood remains subtly aromatic and the characteristic fragrance adds another dimension to the universal appeal.

  • Dimensions: 88" Inside Height (99" Outside Height) x 83"W x 120"L
  • Weight: 975 lbs
  • Construction: Western Red Cedar
  • Finish: Unfinished
  • Includes: Lockable cedar door, cedar shingled roof panels, plywood floor boards with 2x4 cedar floor joist, 6 functional window, decorative shutters, and planter box
  • Assembly: Although designed so that you don't have to be a professional carpenter to assemble them, limited carpentry skills are recommended. All kits are either precut or panelized and come complete with hardware and instructions.


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