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Flat Back Rain Barrel Stand
Item#: 2340004

The strong and durable Flat Back Rain Barrel Stand is perfectly designed to have the Flat Back Rain Barrel rest securely on this stand. This stand offers you easier access to your rain barrel's spigot and no hassle rain water collection.

This stand is designed out of heavy-duty rotational molded polethylene with long lasting 5 year UV8 coating that provides protection from damaging sunlight. You can use this stand to add height to your rain barrel. This height can be for beauty purposes such as to enhance your outdoor garden décor by giving varied heights to your rain barrels. Another advantage to using a stand is that it increases the water pressure at your spigot. The added pressure from your rain barrel will allow you to send the nutritious rain water to any plant that needs it during the dry times of the year. Raising the rain barrel also gives you easier access to the spigot so that you can easily fill watering cans or buckets to carry water to those special places where hoses won't reach.

Order your Flat Back Rain Barrel Stand to your rain barrel order and you will enjoy increased water pressure, enhanced features in your outdoor décor, and easier access to your stored water reserve.

Please note: This rain barrel stand is to be used with a Flat Back Rain Barrel only.


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