Verdigris Dragonfly Sundial
Item#: 1350167

Although long since replaced by modern timepieces, the sundial still offers practical functionality and earthen beauty. Any one of our many sundials will embellish your garden and create a unique conversation piece.
Choose our Verdigris Dragonfly Sundial to bring an amusing and unpredicted accent to your garden. The dial plate displays lovely and intricately designed dragonflies in beautiful relief. Sundial bears the inscription: ";Flying jewel how quick your flight reflect the passage of day to night."; Hour markers encircle the face plate, and, in whimsical fashion, a resting dragonfly acts as the gnomon. Sundial can be placed on any level surface on the ground or displayed on either the Verdigris Aluminum Grecian Sundial Pedestal or the Weathered Bronze Aluminum Roman Sundial Pedestal, each sold separately.
Crafted of rust-free, recycled aluminum, this conversation piece will inspire you and your guests for many years to come. Each sundial is carefully finished with weather-resistant paints to withstand any climate.

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