Weathered Bronze Hummingbird Sundial Birdbath
Item#: 1350175

For centuries, sundials have been used to mark the passage of time. Now, your garden sundial can do so much more! Choose the perfect combination sundial and birdbath from our collection to display your personal taste and interests!

The Weathered Bronze Hummingbird Sundial Birdbath will blend so beautifully with its surroundings. The face plate is a shallow bowl to attract native birds. The style is a lovely honeysuckle branch with a feeding hummingbird. Sundials can lie on any level surface. For more drama, choose either the Verdigris Aluminum Grecian Sundial Pedestal or Weathered Bronze Aluminum Roman Sundial Pedestal, each sold separately.

Each sundial/birdbath is crafted from rust-free recycled aluminum and carefully finished with weather-resistant paints to withstand any climate.

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