Copper Cone Gas Tiki Torch
Item#: N4470067

When summer comes around and bare feet hit the beach, it’s time to break out the Tiki Torches and let loose. The Copper Cone Gas Tiki Torch is the perfect place to start, blending a classic Hawaiian vibe with a few modern tweaks, to keep the fire burning and the limbo going all night long.


  • 16 gauge Spun Copper Cone
  • Unique decorative pattern
  • Stainless Steel Base and Burner Section
  • 24 Volt Electronic Ignition hidden in base
  • Burner components housed in upper section

Specifically designed for easy ignition, the Copper Cone Gas Tiki Torch can kick things off fast, without spitting sparks or causing a fuss. So put some more sugar on the rim of your glass and throw away your ironing board – here in the tropics, we don’t know the meaning of “formality.”

Please Note: Mounting pole is sold separately.


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