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Underground Rain Barrels

From the built in sump pump to the aggressively ridged frame, our underground rain barrels are designed for the express purpose of being buried out of sight on your property. They provide capacities from 600 to 1200 gallons. With such large rain water supplies you will be able to everything from watering your lawn to washing your cars. With the proper filtration systems these rain barrels can even be used to make your home a green plumbing house. However you decide to use the rain water collected by these underground rain barrels you will have the peace of mind knowing that you are capturing the most rain possible in every storm.


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Looking for the freedom of a large capacity rain barrel but don't want to take up precious yard space? Our underground rain water catching systems can be the answer. By diverting the water from all of your downspouts into a one of our large capacity rain underground rain savers you can be sure to maximize your roofs harvesting potential. With some planning beforehand you can have a rain water collection system that significantly lowers your monthly water bill and yet is almost invisible to your neighbors. Each of our underground units have built in sump pumps to allow for easy plumbing.


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