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Grapevine Arch Trellis
Item#: 1850040

Our heavy-duty, high-quality vinyl trellises are maintenance free and their crisp, white color will not fade, crack, peel or rot! This vinyl material is manufactured right here in the USA using a unique powder process. The result is a more flexible, durable material than typical polyvinyl. You can be sure that you'll never have to paint this gorgeous Grapevine Arch Trellis, and it's protected by a twenty-year warranty. What's more, all trellises come with a ground anchor system to secure it in your lawn.

Modern and simple, the Grapevine Arch Trellis features design reminiscent of a graceful sheaf of wheat. Grow blooming vines over it and see how the trellis brings warmth and charm to any outside wall. The arch atop this piece lends sophistication and continues the winding theme in the center of the trellis.

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