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Fairfield Grande Arbor
Item#: 1790033

When it comes to enhancing the natural beauty and charm of your home, fewer things bring more drama and sophistication as outdoor arbors. Highlight the entrance of your garden or welcome visitors to your home with our innovative, intricately designed arbors.

What makes our arbors superior? Constructed of polyvinyl and polyethylene molded around modern structural elements, these arbors provide long-lasting beauty, durability and quality that has what it takes to stand up to fierce weather, destructive insects, and temperature extremes. Unlike wood, the posts and pieces of these arbors are perfect. This perfection makes them easier to install. Our unique UltraFit bracket coupler system ensures superior side panel and rail strength. On most arbor and trellis models, lattice fits into vertical grooved frame, which is secured directly to the post.

The Fairfield Grande's flat-top pergola design offers any pathway or natural setting the perfect compliment. Extra wide opening is ideal for an area of higher traffic. Small weave of side panels give ample support for climbing vines and plants. Arbor is available with optional accessories which enhance functionality and beauty.
Mounting options: Although this arbor can be secured with the traditional wood and concrete method, we highly recommend use of the Aussie Auger ground mounting system. If you want to place your Arbor on already laid concrete then the Aussie Surface mounting system would be your best option. For installing your arbor on unlevel ground look to our vinyl extention Pro-posts.

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