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Infratech 29.5" Silver Slim Line 120V Heater - 1,600 Watt
Item#: 55700062

Nothing spoils a party like being chased inside by the chill when the sun goes down. Make that experience a thing of the past with the Infratech 29.5" Silver Slim Line 120V Heater - 1,600 Watt! Using a mere 120V, this heater is perfect for home use.


  • Slim, low-profile design
  • 1,600 Watt output
  • Custom color options available
  • Dimensions: 29.5" L x 4.75" W x 3" H
  • Can be mounted to the wall or ceiling

The low profile design of Infratech 29.5" Silver Slim Line 120V Heater - 1,600 Watt keeps it from being an eyesore and instead, allows it to melt into the background of any space and provide warmth without standing out. While the standard color option for this heater is bronze, there are also custom color options available upon request to ensure that this heater will fit perfectly into any space! Note: the color options apply to the housing of the heater; however, the faceplate will always be in a stainless steel finish.

Infratech heaters are able to use a variety of control options to give the user ultimate control over their comfort. Options range from simple on/off switches all the way to solid state control systems that can run an entire system of heaters and even work in conjunction with smart-house setups. Always consult with an electrician before purchasing an electric heater to ensure that proper voltage and control options are considered before purchasing. For further assistance in choosing the right system, contact one of our NFI certified specialists at (800) 919-1904.

Note: In order to maintain the highest quality in their construction and performance, Intratech heaters are designed to be hard wired to a dedicated circuit by a licensed electrician. These heaters cannot be plugged into a wall outlet and it is not recommended that these be installed by anyone but a professional.


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