String Floor Mat Square - Natural Finish
Item#: 2790040

The String Floor Mat Square - Natural Finish fits any style. Its construction is extremely sturdy, light and yet unmatched when it comes to function, style and durability.

This mat serves many different purposes: in your shower or bathroom; outside in front of your door, your balcony, terrace, or deck; at your pool exit ladder or on your pool stair; sauna and spa; locker rooms; boats and RVs and many more places!

The string mat is constructed of premium plantation teak wood and machine made for perfect precision cut and fit. It is then finished with a final hand-sand that gets it ready for teak oiling. We use only the best quality teak oil for the perfect honey brown shine and protection of the wood. The oil is applied up to three times for long lasting protection. If exposed directly to weather for long durations, the color of the wood will change over time to a beautiful silvery patina.

About teak: Teak is the most prestigious hardwood for patio and outdoor furniture manufacturing. Due to its natural high oil content it is resistant to impacts of weather, bugs and worms. Teak is temperature neutral and its beautiful warm honey brown shine makes it the preferred choice hardwood for long lasting patio design, outdoor and indoor use. When wet, teak wood does not turn slippery.


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