2' Yorkshire Window Box - Clay
Item#: 2480054

The 2' Yorkshire Window Box - Clay will help to bring the charm of the East Coast to your home while offering a low maintenance solution to keep your plants healthy and beautiful. This window box is made of high quality vinyl and backed by a 15 year limited warranty, this window box is made to last.

With the unique design of this planter there is a sub-irrigation water system that encourages root growth. The built-in water reservoir encourages healthy plant growth by allowing plants to practically water themselves.

The panels on this planter can be cut to create a custom fit for your windows! Product requires minor assembly, parts glue together easily to create a beautiful finished product (about 15 min to assemble). Items that are included are front panel, back panel, bottom panel, left end cap, right end cap, vinyl glue, 2 wall mount brackets with screws.


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