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Brickwood Mattone Barile Grande Total Package
Item#: 4880004

Create a breathtaking structure in your backyard with the Brickwood Mattone Barile Grande Total Package


  • 1050 square inch cooking surface
  • Made in the USA
  • Step by step directions
  • Includes 3 piece accessory kit, ceramic blanket, exhaust kit, and oven door
  • Patent pending design

Make neighborhood entertainment possible with this customizable do-it-yourself brick pizza oven. The Brickwood Mattone Barile Grande Total Package is a Texas sized oven that bakes pizzas in 3 minutes. This package comes with the foam oven mold, instructions, 3 piece kit, ceramic blanket, exhaust kit, and oven door. The 3 piece accessory kit provides the tools needed to make amazing pizzas. The kit includes 9" brush head, wood handle, aluminum pizza peel, and chrome peel hanger. The Harbison Walker Ceramic Blanket is applied as a middle layer in the Brick Oven. This blanket helps insulate your oven making it heat up quicker and retain heat longer. The Duratech exhaust kit prevents rain and debris from building up inside the brick oven, and includes a chimney cap, anchor plate, spark arrestor, and Premier adhesive. The oven door is a great addition to keep oven heat in and ensure that family and friends are safe during cooking time. Unleash your creativity by purchasing your own color and pattern of the brick finish, thus ensuring an extraordinary fixture in your back yard for years. Save thousands of dollars compared to similar pizza ovens and support your local economy by purchasing brick and cement materials at a nearby brick retailer.

Please Note: this foam mold is available in 2 other packages. Please review all 3 packages before making a purchase decision. It is recommended that first-time Brickwood Oven builders purchase the complete package


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