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Worm Chalet Odorless Composter Kit
Item#: 2970001

The Worm Chalet Odorless Composter Kit produces nitrogen rich organic fertilizer from food scraps. This composter can be used in an enclosure or indoors because of its odorless operation, making it ideal for homeowners living in regions where animals are a problem. Comes with 3 stacking trays and instruction manual.

Each of the 3 stacking trays has recessed handgrips and a removable wire bottom. As worms finish digesting scraps in one tray, they move up to the next in search of more food. Simply empty out the finished castings for use in your garden and refill the tray. The Worm Chalet is sized to handle all the kitchen vegetable scraps from 2-5 adults, and works year-round when kept in an area that's 54-70º F.

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