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Worm Factory 4 Tray - Black
Item#: 3080004

The Worm Factory 4 Tray - Black is an incredibly efficient way to convert kitchen scraps, junk mail and cardboard into nutrient-rich compost for your garden. Gardeners agree that worm composting produces the best results and help your plants thrive! The Worm Factory 4 Tray - Black is unique stackable, multi-tray design makes it the most efficient worm bin composter around.

How it works: Add a handful of worms and your organic waste in the bottom tray and worms will begin eating the waste, and then migrate upward as food sources in that tray are exhausted. When the migrate upward, they separate themselves from the finished compost that is ready for the garden. Worm castings and compost tea are produced through this process.

The compost tea, also know as leachate, is gathered in the special collection tray of the Worm Factory and can easily be drained from the spigot. This is a very concentrated liquid and should be diluted with 2 parts water. Your plants will be greener than ever!

This item comes complete with the stacking trays and base, compost tea collection tray, a 16-page instruction book, "Quick Tips" lid, coir brick, worm bedding and spigot. Made of recycled high density polyethylene this worm composter can expand to 7 trays. Depending on how many trays are used this composter houses 8,000-12,000 worms that consume 5-8 lbs. of food per week! It can be used for year-round production and is an odor free operation.


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