Integrity is paramount with Woodland Direct. Our full staff of certified chimney experts and product specialists can provide our customers with the highest level of knowledgeable service. On site warehousing allows us to provide great pricing and fast shipping. We receive exceptional reviews, letters, and feedback from our customers every day. Below is just a portion of the thousands of reviews we have received from our satisfied Chimney Cap customers.
I just finished installing my chimney cap. What breeze this project was. The instructional video was a great help and made it easy for me to prepare the cap and install it. The quality of the materials is terrific. I'm very pleased with the service and product I received from WoodlandDirect.
Alan C. - Portsmouth

This cap is very well made, sturdy and overall great quality. The installation on my chimney was a snap. I used the Gelco adhesive sold by Woodland, everything worked perfect.
Ann B. - Baton Rouge

Recieved product promptly and appreciate the quality, This cap has done what it was said to do, I will purchase from woodland direst for my future needs. again thanks so much. It is a pleasure to deal direct with professionals.
J B - Rehoboth

I'm an installer and my customer was more than satisfied with your vacu-stack chimney cap, since he had a very serious problem with a down-draft. he is very pleased with your product as well as me. your service was incredible and i expect to be doing business with you again. thank you ever so much!
Joe F. - Waymart

The cap arrived in great condition and better than that it fit perfect!! Thanks to your web site we now have a warm and safe firepace.

You guys answered all my questions and then some. I must add Steve was most helpful to me, I'm so glad I found you online.

Thank you so much for all you've done for our home. Your company has real integrity! Wish there was more like you out there.

WoodlandDirect helped me from the first call and shipped the dampers fast and in a well packed carton. The dampers are well made, the 'special sauce' is the silicone seal. When the dampers are closed, there is a real seal. The installation is a straight-forward process. Clean the flue top, drop the wire, put a bead of provided silicone cement around the perimeter of the damper, press and allow to seat overnight. Attach damper lock inside firebox, adjust lock collar and you're done. Great product.
William B. - Atlanta

Worked great! I had wicked backdrafts from high winds and this cap took care of that. There were times that I would not use the stove just due to the winds and the mess that it would cause. I just ran it right through some winter storms with no problem. Thanks should have done this years ago A bird screen should be an integral part of this unit as it looks like a good nesting site.
Richard M. - Emporia

I do a good amount of purchasing over the internet, and Woodland offers great products with awesome service, Thanks Woodland!!!!!
Dale H. - El Sobrante

Great product. Easy to assemble, easy to install. Came very well packaged. 16" mesh version covered my three chimney flues perfectly with plenty of clearance for top mounted dampers.
Nick T. - Cincinnati

Received product promptly and appreciate the quality, This cap has done what it was said to do, I will purchase from Woodland Direct for my future needs. again Thanks so much. It is a pleasure to deal direct with professionals.
John B. - Rehoboth

Well built product . We are satisfied with the wind cap and we are glad to have found this company's web site. The customer service personnel was full of info!.
Robbin W. – Belmont

Product is simple to install and since I have installed it there is a notable improvement in the rooms ambient temperature when the damper is closed and the ash odor is gone. Thanks so much!
Walter M. – Ridgewood

We attached the Vacu-Stack to our chimney and even though our chimney needs to be put a few feet higher next spring, the Vacu-Stack and adapter has helped tremendously with the down draft. I would definitely recommend this product to others.
Chad F. – Linneus

Since installing your Vacu-Stack Wind Resistant Cap I haven't had any trouble with high wind (I get gust at 30 to 40 mph or more) blowing smoke back down my chimney and into my house, only I wish I would have ordered the same cap, but with the bird guard on it... Thanks for a great product it sure solved my problem.
J. I. – Royal Center

When the wind would blow in certain directions my house would fill up with smoke. Purchased the Vacu-Stack cap and installed it and haven't had a problem since. I would purchase this product again.
David S. – Mt. Lake Park

We live in Colorado Springs, and experience extremely high winds. We have been unable to use our fireplace when it's windy due to blow back of smoke in the house. Woodland solved our problem. Their knowledge of our situation and products were a lifesaver for us.
Michele A. - Colorado Springs

This is a fine piece of craftsmanship. We absolutely love it and have received many complements on it. Thank You Woodland Direct.
Cosmo S. - Rye

Well, I wasn't sure that this would work. After living here for 6 months, burning more recently as Winter came, the house never seemed to be clear of smoke, especially when higher outside winds were present. Ever since installing the Vacu-Stack, my house has had zero smoke (which I thought was strange because the Vacu-stack was intended to resist 'the winds' mostly). IN fact, High winds or no winds, my wood burning stove works ten times better NOT allowing any smoke in the house now! Yes, I'm thrilled. LKL
Larry L. - Colorado Springs

This product is awesome, easy to install, and Woodland shipped it in 1 day. Their support was great ( online instant messaging ). The cap saved me about $1000.00 in the cost of repairing my broken damper. I am definitely a customer for life!!
James B. - Huntington

The Vacu-Stack worked as claimed. I live at 8800' in the Rockies foothills above Boulder. We get winter winds that have been 40-60 mph. The gusts used to cause a back draft, not anymore. Highly recommend. Great service from Woodland Direct. I ordered the stack on ebay and realized that code required 1/2 inch screens installed. One call and they shipped them right out.
Timothy L. - Ward

I live in an open area, unprotected from most NW or N winds. Until I installed the Vacu Stack, I could not run my wood burning stove when there was more than a 5mph wind. For the last two days, the wind has been 20mph from the North and not a single puff of smoke!
T.E. - Independence

We can't say enough about how quickly we got our order! We were already behind schedule on a job and then found out we didn't have the right size dampers to finish it up. Woodland direct got the right units to us within 3 days of ordering! Thanks!
Barry W. - Franklin

Very well made, great workmanship ! Very good base design, the six anchor screws made for a firm fit, even with flue tile opening being 12" X 16". Local vendors here are charging from $104-$160 for caps not as well made. Your web site is really what sold me on this product, I could tell right away from the picture that this cap had the best design features. The overall site layout is very well done (ie the size chart). It's great to see a US manufacturing firm do so well. Please pass on my thanks to Engineering,Fab,Q.C., & Web design
Greg B. - Corvallis

Excellent quality chimney cap. And Excellent Customer Care. I would definately buy from this company again.
Matthew H. - Saint Cloud

We could not be happier with this purchase! We were having terrible problem with back draft due to wind and the product worked like a charm. No more smoke in the house. We joke and tell our friends that we've decided to quit smoking :) Thank you so much.
Deb L. – Seneca Falls

I've had one wind event since installing the Vacu-Stack and so far it has performed excellently and as described. Pretty big wind, and no smoke. While this is strictly a first impression, so far it's been a great addition to my wood burning experience.
Sherm K. – Whipple

I have been delighted with the craftsmanship and functionality of my Vacu-Stack Wind Resistant Cap. It looks good on the Chimney and more importantly it does its job! Thanks and I look forward to further business with you folks.
Frank S. – Heath Springs

What a great product. I live where the wind blows a steady 10 to 25mph every other day. This product works great to prevent wind coming down the stack, and also creates a vacuum to increase air flow from my fireplace. I would not be able to use my fireplace without this product.
Scott L. - Rozet

I run a small Home Maintenance business and this product was very easy to put together and install on the chimney. All the materials were included in the kit including a tube of Lumber Lock adhesive and screws, which made the whole process quick and easy. I intend to order more products for my customers.
Tom W. – South Dennis

I am very happy with the Lymance Chimney Damper. It was very easy to install and works great. It solved the problem of the worn damper in the chimney at a very reasonable replacement price.
Helen W. – Brentwood

Hy-C flue covers are very well made, right here in the USA. Surprisingly easy to install. They look great, without the expense of a professional chimney service!
Walter H. - Cincinnati