Vantage Hearth Linear Direct Vent Gas Fireplace - 43"
Item#: 3720336

The Vantage Hearth Linear Direct Vent Gas Fireplace - 43" creates a perfect accent piece for any room in your home or cottage! This modern fireplace features it's black porcelain reflective panels that illuminate the marvelous dancing flames. Creating an extraordinary glow for your bedroom or living room, this direct vent unit includes ceramic glass doors that work to radiate heat throughout the area.


  • Linear direct vent fireplace
  • Featured black porcelain reflective panels
  • Radiating ceramic glass doors included
  • Built-in adjustable flame control

Built to initiate efficiency and versatility, this modern-styled fireplace accommodates any style or decor that you may have! Mood lighting works well for those special occasions and the remote control makes it easy to use. Featuring adjustable flame control gives the user complete control and comfort. The unit's electronic ignition makes it easy to get going and simple to maintain. Use this unit to warm up your next holiday or event!

Please Note:Venting is required for this unit to work correctly. Instructions for this unit and it's venting can be seen in the attached manual.


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