Hudson River Kinderhook Pellet Stove
Item#: 3570019

With the contemporary Hudson River Kinderhook Pellet Stove, you'll enjoy a comfortable winter inside away from the cold. This innovative pellet stove is constructed with a 130 lb. hopper, allowing for ample pellet storage and increased burn time. Its ash drawer also makes clean up simple and efficient, and the convection blower will circulate heat evenly throughout the room.


  • 59,000 BTUs
  • Integrated hearth pad to beautify and protect your home
  • Digital controls and electric ignitor

The Hudson River Kinderhook Pellet Stove has an 84.7% efficiency rating, helping you to make a more econmical environmental choice. It's also constructed with versatility in mind; you'll be able to fit either a 3" or 4" L Vent to the flue pipe.

Note:The Hudson River Kinderhook Pellet Stove is designed to burn wood pellets only. Its performance is greatly affected by the type and quality of wood pellets being burned. As the heat output of various quality wood pellets differs, so will the performance and heat output of the pellet stove.


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