Mantis Zero-Clearance Fireplace Package
Item#: 3511337

The Mantis Zero-Clearance Fireplace Package is the first and only vented fireplace that is certified to exceed 90% efficiency; uses PVC pipe for low-cost venting installation; humidifies as it heats; and can be installed as a direct-vent or single-vent system! This zero-clearance fireplace can be installed into a wall for a contemporary look or in a mantel.

Inside each Mantis System there is a three-stage heat exchanger that sends more than 90% of the heat energy into your home – not up the flue. While the temperature inside the combustion chamber may exceed 900º, the exhaust gas exits the flue at just 120º- 130º F – as little as two feet away! This makes Mantis the first and only condensing fireplace, which means the exhaust is cool enough to run in PVC. The Mantis puts the green in environmentally friendly. Its power-vented heat-exchanger technology ensures the optimal air/fuel mixture for consistently clean-burning operation. With its clean burn and super-efficient heat exchanger, the Mantis generates fewer greenhouse gases – CO and CO2. The top and sides of the Mantis stay cool-to-the-touch – so cool, in fact, it earned a zero-clearance certification for installation against any combustible building materials. The dual burners deliver a total of 28,000 BTUs. Operating the front burner alone lets you enjoy the ambiance of the attractive log set and gas fire without overheating the room. But, when the temperature dips, the Mantis rises to the occasion, switching on the second burner to produce maximum heat output.

This fireplace package was built with quality construction and is factory tested. Critical internal components in the Mantis – including the heat exchanger – are manufactured from the same corrosion resistant and heat-resistant stainless steel that was developed for high-efficiency central furnaces. Precision-formed one-piece ceramic glass withstands temperatures in excess of 1,500º F and radiates more heat into the room, while providing a great view of the flames and log set. The Mantis’ hand-painted ceramic fiber log set compliments the flame pattern, and glows when heated to provide exceptional realism. Two rugged printed circuit boards monitor all functions and controls. The hand-assembled wiring harness is made from heat-insulated copper wire fitted with click-lock connectors for reliable performance. Two powerful blowers inside the Mantis feature maintenance-free motors driving precisely balanced fans for a lifetime of efficient performance. One fan draws air into the combustion chamber and draws hot gases through the heat exchanger. The second fan draws room air across the heat exchanger and circulates the heated air throughout the room. To ensure your fireplace performs flawlessly, every Mantis is connected to gas, electricity, and a PVC exhaust system, and test fired before it leaves our factory.


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