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Hudson River Wood Stoves

Hudson River Stove Works originated out of years of experience in the hearth industry. Jack Cohen, the owner of Hudson River, worked for his father’s distribution company before opening his own hearth shop in 1992. In ten years alone, he sold over 2,700 pellet and wood stoves and helped manufacturers improve their own products for years, priming him to design and produce his own brand. Today, Hudson River wood stoves develops units that are simple to maintain and clean. Large ash pans are included in most stoves, extending the time between cleanings.


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Hudson River Wood Stoves represent a variety of efficient, EPA Certified Wood Stoves. Whether you are looking for a classic looking Wood Stove, or a more modern unit, Hudson River has a model that will meet your needs. Attractive finishes offer many design choices, while extensive real-world testing ensures that you will be able to rely on these stoves as a superior heating method for your home.


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