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Vermont Bun Baker Wood Stoves

There’s no other wood burning cook stove like a Vermont Bun Baker wood stove. Besides using it to heat your home, you’ll also be able to cook breads, muffins, pizza, and other foods in its oven at the same time. Vermont Bun Baker stoves are available with or without thick soapstone on the exterior. Soapstone heats up slowly, lowering your chances of burning yourself on the stove's surface; however, once hot, it disperses heat evenly throughout the room, so you don’t have to worry about hot and cold spots.


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The Vermont Bun Baker Wood Stoves offer you can opportunity to heat your home and bake all at the same time. The top of the stove offers great space for logs and keeps a roaring fire, while the bottom allows you to bake bread, pizza or cookies at the same time! With a soapstone surround this stove will heat your home long after the fire is out.
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