Why Buy Fire Glass from Woodland Direct?

Why buy fire glass from Woodland Direct?

The Beauty of Fire GlassThe Beauty of Fire Glass

Fire Glass is a great way to create a spectacular display inside your fireplace or fire pit while still creating 3 times as much heat as normal wood or gas log sets. Fire Glass when used in your fireplace produces a beautiful effect that will mesmerize you like sparkling jewels. Wood logs will create a mess and ceramic logs can crack or discolor over time, while fire glass will maintain its brilliance providing years of use.

Fire Glass Wide SelectionWidest Fire Glass Offering Available

Here at WoodlandDirect.com, we offer you the widest selection of fire glass types, colors and sizes. We offer reflective glass or even Geo-Shapes for a completely unique look for your fireplace. Our fire glass is made with a state of the art, patented process that produces a much higher quality product than anything else out there. The fire glass we sell is tempered and designed to not shatter or melt while providing years of enjoyment. Do not be fooled by cheap copies or false claims about other’s glass, just come to WoodlandDirect.com to buy the best fire glass.

Woodland Direct DifferenceThe Woodland Direct Difference

Here at WoodlandDirect.com we offer you the best fire glass in the most colors and varieties. We offer a learning center to help you decide how much fire glass for your needs and what the differences are between all of your choices. We can even do custom color and size mixes if you want something truly unique to blend in better with the installation location.