Why Buy Chimney Champion Liners From Woodland Direct ?

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 SERVICE!  Toll-Free Certified & Experienced Technical Support

 Woodland Direct has been in the chimney business for over 30 years.
Our Trained, Experienced technical experts are here to assist you with any questions you may have.  Your Chimney Lining Project is our chimney lining project.
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 Superior Exclusive Product

 Chimney Champion Liners are superior grade liners, which for years, have been available only to the professional market.  Now they are finally available to you exclusively through Woodland Direct.  No other liner has all the unique qualities, patents and functional quality enhancing features as the Chimney Champion.

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 UL Listed in both USA & Canada

There are many liner companies and only a handful are tested and pass the strict UL Listing codes. Chimney Champion Liners are UL Listed and meet all UL1777 code specifications. To take this even further, Chimney Champion Liners are one of the few liners to pass the ULC Canadian codes. Authorizing this liner to be used in Canada also.

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 Superior Value

 Though the Chimney Champion Liners are by far the highest quality liner kits available on the market today.  They are now being offered from Woodland Direct at a price comparable to even the most competitive home-owner brand prices.
That's the benefit of exclusive Factory Direct Pricing

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 Superior Manufacturing & Materials
 Not all liners are created equal. Chimney Champion Liners use:
316Ti,  A Titanium based Stainless Steel Alloy to combat the most corrosive High Heat environments.  The Heavy & Rigid Liners use a 304L & 316L which is a corrosive resistant low-carbon version of standard 304 & 316 Alloy.
The chimney Champion Easy Flex Liners are .006" Thick as compared to competitive .005" brands. And the Unique Easy Flex 7-Ply folded and crimped seam provides shallower crevices for creosote build-up and superior strength than other Flexible Liners available today.

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 Made in the U.S.A !

 All Chimney Champion Liners and Liner component parts are proudly made in the United States in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

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 Home-Owners Lifetime Warranty

 Many Liners out there boast a 25 year or even a lifetime warranty.  However after reading the fine print you will find in most cases the warranty is voided if not installed by a certified chimney sweep professional. 
Woodland Direct has such confidence in both the quality of the Chimney Champion Product line as well as their customer technical support team of experienced chimney experts, that we offer a lifetime warranty to the home-owner.

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 Host of Online Tools and References

 No one else has an online "Autosizer" to perfectly find the liner size needed for every unique situation.

Our online learning center is continually growing to help you research all the option and gain understanding on all types of liner configurations from Wood Inserts & Pellet Stoves, to High Efficiency Gas & Oil Furnaces.  Once again if you have any further questions we have experienced professionals waiting to discuss your project with you toll-free at 800-919-1904