How hard is it to assemble?

The Mirage Stone Outdoor Fireplace can be quickly and easily assembled without mortar, glues, or fasteners. The average first-time installer can assemble the Mirage Stone Outdoor Fireplace in about an hour. Each fireplace is pre-assembled at the warehouse before being packaged for shipment to ensure proper fit. When your fireplace arrives, some small distress marks may be present; this is natural for this type of stone and may occur during the manufacturing and shipping process. This will not affect the functionality of your fireplace.

What type of surface should I put it on?

The Mirage Stone Outdoor Fireplace can be set up on most level, hard surfaces with no problems. It can also be placed directly on grass, soil or decorative rock; however, this may result in some sagging over time. If placing the fireplace on an elevated deck, you will need to make sure you have the proper support for 1200 pounds.The fireplace should also be set near a main support.

Is it safe and does it comply with my local codes?

The Mirage Stone Outdoor Fireplace is incredibly safe and exceeds nationwide incinerator codes as well as uniform fire codes. This fireplace conforms to all national incinerator codes. Each fireplace has permanently attached spark arrestors, which stop dangerous embers from escaping. It also meets recreational burning standards eliminating the need for burn permits.

Can it be moved easily without damaging the fireplace?

Should you need to move the Mirage Stone Outdoor Fireplace, please do so with extreme caution to avoid chipping. Use care when handling the parts to avoid chipping and simply re-assemble the fireplace at the new location.

Can it be used with gas also?

The Mirage Stone Outdoor Fireplace can be used with natural and liquid propane gas; however you would need to purchase the optional gas log kit, valve and plumbing.