Can the unit be converted from natural gas to propane and vise-versa?

The burner comes ready for natural gas and propane and will be built to your preference. The burner cannot be converted in the field after purchase.

Can I burn solid fuels in the fireplace like wood?

This is a gas burning unit, burning anything other than the natural gas or propane is not advised.

How does the unit vent since there is not a chimney?

The burner unit vents out the front of the fireplace.

Is the unit approved for use in screened porches, gazebos or enclosed area?

The unit is not UL approved for this application, but there should not be any problem provided the following guidelines are followed:

*DO NOT USE THIS INSIDE OF YOUR HOME; this unit is for outside use only

Will my outdoor living area be warm?

This fireplace unit emits 60,000 BTU's per hour which will heat an area about 10 square feet.

When burning propane what size tank should I use?

The minimum size tank you can use in a standard 20 pound tank. The fireplace will burn 6-8 hours on a standard tank.

What type of maintenance is required?

It is recommended that the glass fiber reinforced concrete, which is what the insert and top cap is made of, should be sealed once a year using a concrete sealer that can be found at a local hardware store.

Why won't the burner light? OR Why did it go out?

If the burner will not light be sure the pilot is lit and the gas line is open so the gas can flow and turn the knob on and the unit should light. If the unit stops burning and the flame goes out you may be out of fuel or the gas is turned off. Although the log set comes with a wind resistant pilot light, the pilot could have blown out under very windy conditions--in this situation, turn the gas off, wait five minutes and try to re-light.